The Knightsbrook Hotel is well known for its fabulous, spacious rooms. This is continually testified by the numerous guests who have visited this lovely estate. If you are travelling in a group or have decided to holiday with family, our great hotel has the perfect suite or room for you. We understand how difficult it can be to find luxury accommodation for large amounts of people and we have carefully taken that into consideration when creating our hotel packages and specials.

Given that the Knightsbrook Hotel can accommodate so many, you may wonder exactly how many people can stay in one hotel room. This is completely dependent on the room or suite of your choice. The standard contemporary designed executive rooms are able to cater for a maximum for two people and are ideal for short hotel stays, business meetings and weekend getaways.

The Family Room will prove to be the best choice when travelling with children or in a larger group of adults. It is fully equipped with extra pull-out beds, as well as extra free-standing beds, giving you all the sleeping space needed to cater for your family. This suite is also ideal when holidaying with friends, as sharing a suite with them can be a fun vacationing experience

The Knightsbrook luxury hotel is flexible, with the capacity for each room varying depending on the needs of our guests and we heartily welcome family and group stays.

Feel free to contact us for further information.