With some of the very best restaurants in Meath situated right in our main building, the Knightsbrook Hotel Spa and Golf Resort promises to delight seasoned gastronomes and casual diners alike. Visitors and guests can look forward to a variety of imaginative Irish and international dishes, served in style and presented alongside our famous hospitality.

Larger hotels are often called 'cold' or 'impersonal', but that is most certainly not the case at the Knightsbrook. Between the staff, management and proprietors, we have succeeded in creating a warm, inviting ambience that lures guests and visitors back time and time again. One of the things that set a great hotel apart from the rest is a good restaurant. Knowing this, we thought why only stop at one? Why not give our guests the option of choosing from four in-house venues where they may have a bite to eat or relax with a drink?

As such, Knightsbrook Hotel Spa & Golf Resort now offers a choice of lounges and bars where you may choose to sip on a refreshing cocktail, savour a fine brandy or relax with a frothing cappuccino.

These include:

  • Rococo Restaurant 
    This decidedly upmarket venue is the perfect option if you wish to partake of an evening of fine dining with one mouth-watering course after another tantalising your tastebuds.
  • The Terrace Lounge 
    A lovely venue, from where you may enjoy incredible views over the grounds as you sip on a refreshing drink or enjoy a bite to eat.
  • Swifts Bar
    A jovial venue where you may mingle with other visitors and guests. Light meals such as soups and sandwiches are available upon request
  • Gulliver's Lounge
    A lovely location for an after-dinner cognac.

Join us at one of our superb on-site venues and experience some of the best restaurants in Trim. As far as Meath restaurants go, The Knightsbrook truly has the cream of the crop.