Why Ireland Should Be Your Next Winter Wonderland

Why Ireland Should Be Your Next Winter Wonderland


Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or none of the above, Winter is arguably the best season of the year, as it’s the perfect opportunity to gather with family and embrace the festive atmosphere. With so much beauty to offer, and in light of the upcoming holidays, we have created a list on why Ireland is the perfect winter wonderland.

 The weather

Although you may not experience the traditional snowy winter, the oceanic climate of Ireland makes up for it. With moderate, temperate weather you’ll have endless opportunities to explore the great outdoors without getting hypothermia! Extreme temperature fluctuations and snow are rare in Ireland, which will make packing a lot less complicated. When it rains, which is probable, you can get cozy and curl up with a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the beautiful green scenery from the Knightsbrook lounges. Rainy days also present the opportunity to warm up in our sauna or jacuzzi or enjoy some relaxing treatments in our onsite spa.

The Christmas markets

Not too far from the countryside in which the Knightsbrook Hotel is located, the Irish Christmas markets or New Year’s celebrations in Dublin are a must-see. The cheerful, festive environment is a great way to celebrate the holiday season. Both locals and tourists are welcome to shop creative handmade crafts or enjoy hot chocolate and drinks under the sparkling Christmas lights.

The culture and cuisine

Irish pubs have gained international recognition for their casual and friendly atmosphere. During the winter months, the Irish pubs serve as a warm and inviting hub for enjoying a drink and great company. The wide variety of traditional Irish dishes are also guaranteed to warm you up on a cold day - especially the hearty Irish stew. Colcannon and boxty are two potato-based foods that are staples of the Irish diet. What better way to experience the Irish culture than through cuisine? For the days when you want to enjoy the coziness of the indoors, the Knightsbrook Hotel also has four award winning onsite restaurants and lounges to choose from, all serving a mix of traditional Irish and international foods. 


Contrary to popular belief, the offseason is the best season! Winter in Ireland means cheaper flights and less crowds, which is especially beneficial when visiting the many historical sites surrounding the Knightsbrook Hotel. Located in the heritage town of Trim, some of the most popular historical sites include the Trim Castle, the Hill of Tara, and first stone church built in Ireland.

Meath is also home to the Newgrange passage tomb, recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and built in 3200 BC. Newgrange is particularly special in winter because the passage and chamber are aligned with the rising sun during the winter solstice; creating a rare and ceremonial illuminating light. People from all over the world visit in hopes of experiencing this special event. The River Boyne is another highlight in the area, as guests may enjoy a lovely walk or bike ride along the river as it winds through the hilly countryside.

Here at the Knightsbrook Hotel, we pride ourselves on our award winning four star accommodations. Providing the highest quality of service, we are happy to accommodate families and large groups. Family suites and child minding services are available for those traveling with kids, as well as packages to nearby attractions. For those interested in hosting a holiday conference or golfing trip, we offer comprehensive facilities suitable for up to 1,000 guests and an 18-hole championship golf course.

Using the Knightsbrook Hotel as your base allows you to experience all of Ireland’s winter beauty while staying in our convenient and luxurious amenities. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.