Spice Up Your Business Conference With These Tips

Spice Up Your Business Conference With These Tips


Business conference; the all-encompassing word for boring powerpoints, uncomfortable suits, and too much sitting. However, conferences don’t necessarily have to play out this way. We have put together a few fun and unconventional ideas for hosting a conference worthy of winning an award, as it’s only fitting that an award winning conference be hosted at our award winning Knightsbrook Hotel!

An interview speech 

It’s easy for business speeches to sound repetitive and robotic as they tend to follow the same structured format. Instead of having long speeches, an interview-type presentation could be more beneficial to both the audience and speaker. 

A live interview presents the opportunity for a more candid representation of the speaker's thoughts. As the interviewer asks the speaker questions, it allows for more authenticity and diversity between different speakers and their presentations. 


Interactive games

Quizzes and jeopardy games are a fun way to increase audience interaction and awareness. Delegates can team up, based on their seating arrangements, and engage in some friendly competition amongst one another. This provides an opportunity for the audience to actually apply what they are learning, but in a more lighthearted setting. 


Audience engagement 

Creating interactive polls and question platforms during the presentations are other great strategies to enhance audience interaction. These offer opportunities for the audience to share feedback, ask questions, and better understand what is being spoken about. 

With the current technological advances, there are even phone apps that make direct feedback accessible within seconds. 


Offsite events  

Events independent from conference purposes will help improve the overall conference experience and build lasting connections between attendees. Some popular options include cocktail hours, team bonding activities, and sightseeing tours. 

Lucky for you, The Knightsbrook Hotel has four different onsite restaurants and bars, all perfectly suitable for drinks and mingling. Our premier 18-hole championship golf course offers the ultimate team bonding experience, as delegates can engage in some allied competition. 

Venturing into the surrounding area, there is no shortage of sightseeing activities around the venue. Located in the heritage town of Trim, delegates can enjoy tours of Trim Castle, the Hill of Tara, passage tombs built in 3200 BC, and much more. 

Located just 35 minutes from the city centre of Dublin, the conference facilities, banquet halls, and catering services at The Knightsbrook Hotel, Spa, and Golf Resort are able to accommodate up to 1,000 delegates. Take your pick of our three luxury conference venues, and our expert team of event coordinators will assist you with staging, scheduling, catering, decor, broadband connections, and so forth. 

Guests staying at the Knightsbrook Hotel have access to our comprehensive facilities, including the award winning spa, onsite restaurants and lounges, championship golf course, and Health Club. Discounted packages may be available upon request, but please note that hotel venue rates are based on a minimum of 10 delegates.


Our team is here to ensure your event runs smoothly. Feel free to contact us today and book your event at one of the best conference venues in Ireland.