Planning a Safe Conference

Planning a Safe Conference


We are committed to offering all guests at The Knightsbrook Hotel a safe, enjoyable and memorable stay. This extends to our award-winning and largest conference facilities in Co Meath, the ideal setting in which to host your business conference while abiding by the necessary social distancing guidelines.


The largest conference venue in Meath, The Knightsbrook Hotel offers best-in-class facilities and services. This also means that we are equipped to host safe conferences in the current climate. Our team has been working hard to ensure that we are equipped with all the necessary PPE and other safety equipment and are trained in providing guests with a safe visit.


So, how do you go about planning a safe and productive conference in the near future? We have a few tips.


Social Distancing


The simplest way to increase the safety of your event is to reduce the amount of close-contact between delegates. This would require a restructuring of seating arrangements to ensure sufficient space between guests and limited direct contact.


Depending on your specific requirements, we have several rooms in which to host your next conference.


For small groups, the Gulliver Suite or Hugh De Lacy Suite would be ideal, while larger groups can be safely accommodated in the Barbican Suite. Contact us today to discuss the best option for your conference.


Sufficient Cleaning Materials


Now, more than ever, it’s essential to abide by the strictest of hygiene protocols. When hosting a group event, it is paramount that all guests have easy access to the necessary hand sanitiser, hand wash, and any other safety equipment they may need.


Make these materials easily accessible by having sanitising stations at all entrances and ensuring that all guests abide by the guidelines. Our staff has been thoroughly trained to provide the safest and most effective service during this time, giving you one less thing to worry about.



Rethinking Catering


While we love a good buffet as much as the next person, it’s probably not the wisest option given the current situation. Instead, opt for pre-plated meals that offer all the delicious flavours without the risk of contamination.


Our in-house team of chefs is excited to work with you to create a unique and memorable menu for your event. Find out more here


Harness the Power of Technology


One thing we have come to realise during this current global situation, it is the power of technology in enhancing our daily routines. Be smart about your use of technology in your conference, saving you money, helping the environment, and keeping guests safer.


Utilise digital registrations in order to facilitate contactless entrance to your conference. Provide digital material instead of physical print-outs, allowing delegates to access information easily and safely. Not only will this save you the money of printing all the material, but it is also easier on the environment!


Finally, offer the option of remote conferencing for guests who aren’t comfortable with traveling, or aren’t able to due to travel restrictions. This also allows you to broadcast your conference online and grow your audience and potential business. We have all the AV equipment you may need and are happy to work with you to find a solution that works for you. Find out more here


The safety of our guests and staff is of the highest importance to us and we look forward to working with you to plan your ideal conference.