Make Knightsbrook your Chosen Conference Venue

Make Knightsbrook your Chosen Conference Venue


Make Knightsbrook your Chosen Conference Venue

Hosting a successful conference rests heavily on choosing the perfect venue for your guests to engage. If you're looking for a venue that flawlessly integrates professionalism and comfort, Knightsbrook is the ideal choice. Knightsbrook is home to the largest conference venue in Meath and can accommodate up to 1000 delegates. This exceptional premises, located in the heart of Ireland and provides an array of services that go far beyond the usual, ensuring that your event leaves a lasting impact on visitors.

Accommodation Fit for Royalty
Should your conference be planned to run over a couple of days, our accommodation is well-equipped for all your guests to turn in for the night.
Your guests will not only spend the night at Knightsbrook but will also enjoy a unique blend of luxury and relaxation. The luxurious rooms and suites provide a tranquil haven for attendees to rest after a day of meetings and talks. The carefully built accommodations appeal to a variety of requirements, ensuring that every guest finds a relaxing and rejuvenating space.

Culinary Delights to Savour
An exceptional conference deserves exceptional dining experiences.  The restaurants at Knightsbrook take you on a gourmet trip that will excite your senses. Your visitors will be treated to a broad assortment of cuisines and meals that cater to all preferences, from lavish breakfast spreads to sophisticated evenings. The menus have been carefully crafted to not only fuel the body but also to promote conversation and networking. Choose from any of the below and prepare for your tastebuds to be dazzled!

1. Rococo Restaurant
A true fusion of Irish and international cuisine promises a delightful experience at the Knightsbrook Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort’s Rococo Restaurant. There is a vast choice of fine dining food options available for breakfast and dinner.
2. Terrace Lounge
Perfect for a quick bite to eat in between talks or the ideal setting to kick back for a glass of wine. The terrace lounge offers guests a comfortable yet classy dining experience in a relaxed setting. 
3. Swifts Bar
Light snacks, soups and paninis are on offer at the Swifts Bar, making it the perfect place for a quick bite to eat. 

Wellness and Balance
Keeping a good lifestyle balance at a conference is not always easy, but Knightsbrook prides itself on offering you every opportunity to try. The health club provides a welcome respite for participants who wind down by getting active. The cutting-edge workout facilities, swimming pool, and spa treatments offer the ideal place to decompress and re-energise. After all, having a clear mind promotes more productivity and engagement during your conference.

Services Available

Below is a list of conference services available:

1. The main room, the Barbican Suite, accommodates up to 1,000 guests.

2. Two suites, Hugh de Lacy and Gulliver’s Suite, each able to accommodate 200 people.

3. Access to a dedicated event coordinator that can manage scheduling, staging, AV, and wifi access throughout the conference.

4. Complimentary parking for up to 600 cars.

5. Transportation services.

6. Breakout and meeting rooms.

Take a look at our corporate brochure for further information on what we can offer you. 

Crafting a Successful Conference

Now that you’ve chosen Knightsbrook as your conference venue, here are some tips to ensure that your event is one to remember. Consider these essential tips when planning your conference and your guests are sure to leave feeling informed, appreciated and energised.

1. Define Clear Objectives: Know what you want to achieve from the conference. Setting specific goals that guide the structure of the event works well to help attendees grasp its purpose.
2. Engaging Content: Craft a diverse agenda that combines informative talks, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities. Variety keeps participants engaged and eager to participate. Avoid making guests sit for hours on end with back-to-back speeches.
3. Technology and Comfort: Ensure your presentation incorporates the use of technology for seamless communication. Comfortable seating and a conducive environment contribute to a positive experience.
4. Thoughtful Breaks: Schedule regular breaks to prevent information overload. These intervals encourage networking and allow participants to absorb the presented content.
5. Capture Feedback: After the conference, gather feedback from attendees. Constructive criticism helps refine your approach for future events.


Choose Knightsbrook – Elevate Your Event
Knightsbrook is an experience and not just a venue. Your visitors will be enveloped in an atmosphere of excellence, comfort, and innovation from the time they arrive until the final farewell. Elevate your conference by choosing Knightsbrook, where professionalism meets luxury in a beautiful blend.
Ready to make your next conference unforgettable? Contact Knightsbrook today to secure your booking. For more information call +353 46 9482100 or Enquire Here.