Knightsbrook | Conferences for 2023

Knightsbrook | Conferences for 2023


Knightsbrook | Conferences for 2023

Globalisation has meant that companies are able to connect and collaborate on an international scale. This, in turn, has highlighted the need for well-planned, cohesive conferences that give these meetings the platform to develop into great outputs. 

No one wants to sit in a conference for days on end and walk away with no insights, it is important to keep your audience comfortable and engaged. Conferences are an excellent way for minds to share lessons, ideas, plans and strategies. 

Make your next conference a successful one! 
Tips for a successful conference:

Keep your audience engaged 
Plan and implement interactive polls and Q&A sessions throughout your conference to make your attendees feel part of the conference, rather than just spectators. This also provides attendees with the opportunity to provide insights and feedback. 

Offsite events
Running events that are independent from your conference give attendees the opportunity to network and get to know each other better. Consider including a golf day or an end-of-day drinks event. 

Choose the right venue 
Ensure that the venue of your choice is able to cater to any specific needs unique to your conference or to your group of attendees. The setting is just as important as the practicalities of the venue. Ensure that the choice of venue meets any accessibility requirements and is generally comfortable for all delegates. 

What’s on offer at Knightsbrook

Located in Trim, just outside the Dublin City Centre, Knightsbrook is perfectly situated to be host to your next conference. We offer some of the most comprehensive conference facilities in the country, incorporating all the necessary elements to guarantee a successful event. 

Not only will your delegates have luxury hotel accommodations, but they will also have access to the following onsite facilities:
- Our 18-hole championship golf course, where they can engage in some friendly competition.
- The River Spa, where they can unwind to some rejuvenating treatments after a long day of business.
- The Health Club, where they can take advantage of our fully equipped gym, fitness classes, 17-metre swimming pool, sauna, and jacuzzi.

Some of our services include: 

- The Barbican Suite, accommodating up to 1000 guests. 

- A dedicated event coordinator. 

- Complimentary parking for up to 600 cars. 

- Transportation services. 

- Breakout and meeting rooms.

If you’re ready to take your conference to the next level, book one of the most prestigious conference centres in Ireland. Call +353 46 9482100 or enquire here.