Hotels are the ultimate party locations in Ireland, whether you’re planning a birthday, business conference, confirmation celebration or wedding. This is because they offer many essential facilities, delicious food and convenient onsite accommodation. When you add considerations like free parking, babysitting services, and special packages, the appeal of these venues only strengthens. What’s more, your revelry need not be reserved to ballrooms and restaurants.

Here’s our list of 5 hotel party suggestions to inspire your next special occasion:

1. Creative Kids’ Celebrations

As hotels are frequently visited by families, most are equipped to care for the needs of little ones. Many also have child-friendly restaurants, beautiful lawns on which kids can play, as well as game zones or discounts on adventure centres like Tayto Park. Best of all, a fully equipped location provides a few essential adult amenities, such as spas and bars, to reward the patience of the grownup party supervisors.

2. Corporate Golf Events

Whether you’re wooing a prospective client or rewarding your dedicated staff, resort hotel destinations are fantastic for group festivities. These accommodations are often found in and around Ireland’s famed golfing facilities that provide comfortable seating and welcome beverages. You could conclude the day with beer and a casual, hearty bar meal, or, if the occasion requires, wine and dine those you need to impress.

3. Soothing Spa Treats

Spouses, children and friends could also spoil the beloved people in their lives with a calming and rejuvenating day at the spa. Ideal for birthdays, pre-wedding parties and special anniversaries, many can benefit from the healing power of therapeutic massages and Ayurvedic treatments. What’s more, with hotel accommodation readily available, you can give in to the urge for peaceful sleep after these relaxing procedures.

4. Elegant Banquet Hall Bash

Exquisite settings are provided for formal celebrations, such as company galas and grand weddings. As big occasions garner lots of revenue for hotels, the venues often offer organisers a host of deals and discounts that reduce the cost of party staples. For instance, décor, food and waiters may all be supplied onsite, as well as musical entertainment, photographers and accommodation.

5. Luxurious Slumber Parties
Sometimes, simply getting away from your usual household routine is the greatest gift. When you need a short escape close to home, you can book a suite or two at your nearest hotel for a grownup slumber soiree. World-class accommodation is plentiful in and around County Meath, catering to budgets and groups of various sizes. Moreover, room service and ensuite toilets mean you can spend your entire stay in pyjamas, sipping champagne at your leisure.

To fully enjoy party festivities, guests need a venue that’s open until late and eliminates the worry of driving home drunk or drowsy. In this regard, hotels not only have the same facilities that homes do, they have the capacity to provide these amenities to many. You and your loved ones deserve the hassle-free experience only these establishments can offer.