As many seasoned travellers will tell you, finding the perfect accommodation in Ireland is half the fun of planning a trip to this adventurous destination. From hotels in Meath to castles in the countryside, you can plan an amazing journey through modern and ancient Irish attractions.

Make no mistake, the Emerald Isle is revered across the globe as one of the most enchanting destinations on earth. This is a land where legend and tradition are infused with every element of society; from cuisine to entertainment. There literally is no shortage of activities for adventure-seekers, romantics and families alike.

To help motivate you into a planning your trip to this amazing country, we’ve compiled 3 of the best reasons to visit Ireland. Be sure to put this on your bucket list of must-see places!

1. Wining and Dining – Some say that Irish food isn’t quite as refined as the culinary delights of France, Italy or Spain. We couldn’t disagree more! You just need to know what to order. Ireland has some of the best pub grub in the world. So while it isn’t as dainty or delicate as other cultures, it has a lot of heart. From rich lamb and beef country stews, to fresh seafood like oysters and Irish salmon, the local dishes all have one thing in common. They are most delicious when paired with a pint of Guinness.

2. Party Time – No one enjoys a good festival quite like the Irish. There are several worthwhile events that you can explore if you time your travels right. There are the infamous St Patrick’s Day Festivities, which are treated uniquely in each town and village. Then there is a wealth of summer gatherings available, such as the International Oyster Festival. If you don’t make it in time for any of the planned annual events then don’t worry too much. The passion of Celtic music and dance is prevalent in every part of the country year-round, especially if you try out a few of the local pubs. Our venue should even e on top of your party lists when brainstorimg. 

3. Incredible Heritage – Some of the oldest historical sites in the entire world are found in this country, dating back as far as 3200 B.C. You can explore ancient burial chambers and tombs or even visit Trinity College in Dublin to see the magnificent Book of Kells. This was drafted by Celtic monks in the ninth century AD. Travellers are able to take in ancient medieval architecture with rich legends and myths associated to each castle or church.

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