The aesthetic grandeur of majestic castles, the tranquillity of the lakes and the convenience of bustling cities make Ireland the perfect location for your honeymoon. There are various reasons why people flock to this breath-taking destination to leap into marital bliss and hopefully gain some genuine luck of the Irish.

Historic Architecture

As one of the oldest countries in Europe, there’s a rich vein of history that runs deep through this beautiful land. Ancient castles, such as Trim in Meath, are favourite places for newly-weds to visit. You can even stay in one of these fortresses, located on the banks of the mystical Knightsbrook River, to enjoy a unique and romantic atmosphere. 

Soothing Environment

Shadowed by mountains and surrounded by luscious meadows, Ireland comes alive in the colder weather. However, the perfect setting isn’t necessarily found outside. There’s nothing better than sharing perfect moments with your partner, like listening to the rain hammering on the roof as you lounge in front of a roaring fire. 

Vibrant Capital City

Home to the iconic rock band U2 and of course, Guinness beer, Dublin in itself is one of Ireland’s top attractions. When visiting this bustling city, you’ll find a multitude of activities to do, such as: 
  • Open top bus tour – Take a ride around this ancient city and learn a thing or two about its history. These buses have a hop-on hop-off feature, enabling you jump out wherever you like and experience different parts of this vibrant cultural hub.
  • Iconic Restaurants - There are several outstanding restaurants in Dublin that a newly wedded couple can experience. Some top picks include Aqua where you can enjoy delicious seafood or The Merrion where French and Irish cuisine meet.
  • The Bald Barista – Grab an excellent cup of coffee and embrace the ambience of this lively, trendy and extremely friendly café. You and your partner can kick your adventure off with an espresso, the Irish way. 
  • Duhb Linn Gardens – This beautiful blend of greens, crisscrossed by meandering pathways, is ideal for romantic walks with someone special. Additionally, you could grab a lovely lunch in the shadow of the Dublin Castle.

Explore the surroundings and have memorable adventures with your new spouse on your blissful honeymoon in Ireland.  Whether you embrace the capital city or retreat to the countryside, our packages have something for every taste.

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