For a centrally located hotel in Ireland, one is sure to be satisfied with the Knightsbrook Hotel in Trim, Meath. The name Meath is derived from The Kingdom of Mide, which means middle. This is due to the fact that this county is located to the east and centre of Ireland – making it an ideal holiday stop for those who want to explore what the country has to offer, or a great place to stay on business trips that would involve travelling to any of the major cities. Trim is a mere 48km from Ireland’s capital of Dublin, for instance.

Ireland offers guests and locals an array of activities and beautiful scenery to enjoy these activities in. Explore the coast intimately with some surfing or water-skiing, or get in touch with your adventurous side with hiking and cycling. The magnificent natural scenery can also be explored on horseback, and fishing, or interesting day trips to historic sites and castles are all available. As a culture-rich country, there is also plenty to do for lovers of the arts.

Not only is the county of Meath central to activities such as these, but it plays host to many of them itself. Meath also boasts a short but exquisite coastline and towns such as Trim offer numerous must-see historical buildings that will inspire even the seasoned traveler. The Castle of Trim (built in 1173), for example, is especially famous for its grandeur, and it isn’t difficult to see why the producers of the popular movie Braveheart chose it as a location for filming.

The Knightsbrook Hotel in Trim is a wonderful central destination which not only provides superior four star accommodation, but caters for all types of guests and preferences. The hotel boasts two restaurants, a luxurious wedding venue, professional conference facilities, holistic Thai spa, health club, family activity facilities, and a superb golf course. Taking all of the above into account, Knightsbrook Hotel in Trim is the ultimate answer when asking ‘what hotel in Ireland is in a central location?