Families have an array of things to do in Ireland, from extreme sports to nature walks. Sometimes, however, it can be a challenge to find venues that offer entertainment for your little ones as well as your teenagers. That’s why we’ve listed a few of our favourite places where every member of your household has something fun to look forward to.

Rathbeggan Lakes

At this picturesque park, tots, teens and good-humoured adults have plenty to explore and enjoy. You could go on a quiet stroll along the water, fish for rainbow trout or courageously cross the High Kings Climbing Tower. What’s more, Rathbeggan’s facilities enable you to experience the surroundings on foot, by car or out on the lake, with walking trails, mini jeeps and paddleboats available.

Little ones under 12-years old will especially love the:

  • Fun Valley – This play area features a number of activities that children have delighted in for generations, such as bouncy castles, inflatable slides, trampolines, water pistols, and an Art Barn.
  • Pet Farm – Birds and various small zoo animals are found at this section of the park, as well as a picturesque grassy picnic spot where you can feed hungry tummies.

Just be aware that this is a self-supervising park. Therefore, all children have to be accompanied by a competent adult throughout their visit.

Causey Farm

For an educational venue with a slightly different take on family activities, visit Causey Farm in Meath. This popular establishment offers kids and grownups so much more than a petting zoo. It’s become one of the best places to learn about traditional Irish and agricultural customs through unique, interactive tours. A few of your journey highlights could include:

  • Céilí dancing – This is a folk jig often performed in specific sets as you bounce around on your toes in circular patterns.
  • Bodhrán workshops – Adults and little ones can learn how to play music on an Irish frame drum.

In addition to the many tours available, Causey Farm is much loved for its animal friends. Your children can feed, touch or simply say hello to chickens, donkeys, ducks, goats, kittens, pigs, puppies, sheep and rabbits.

Funtasia Bettystown

If children could create a fantasy land of indoor activities, Funtasia would be the result. This entertainment centre is unlike any other in the country and, as it’s located at a seaside resort, it’s bound to occupy your whole family.

Some of its most popular attractions include:

  • Fairground rides – From exhilarating mini rollercoasters to classic carousels, daredevils and the cautious alike can hop on board whatever piques their interest most.
  • The reptile village zoo – Various fascinating exhibits are on display, featuring butterflies, creepy crawlies and crocodiles.

The venue also provides pool tables, karaoke equipment and a fast food restaurant to satisfy those who prefer more relaxing leisure time.

Whichever place you visit and however you choose to spend your day, your kids are sure to have tons of fun playing at one of these entertaining venues. What’s more, they’ll consistently be learning, their physical acuity will be exercised and social interactions encouraged. The best part is that parents will leave these tourist attractions in Ireland with thoroughly tired children, and happy memories.