In an age of the prefabricated and the disposable, being in the presence of something that truly has survived the test of time is becoming a rare experience. It can be a truly humbling experience to stand inside a structure that is over 800 years old and visitors to Knightsbrook Hotel are but a stone’s throw from just such a remarkable and memorable experience.

Trim Castle, completed in 1172 is the single largest Cambro-Norman castle in Ireland. It is located on the south banks of the picturesque River Boyne in Trim, County Meath. The area was chosen for its strategic significance, in an elevated position overlooking a fording point over the river. Construction was overseen by the Lord of Meath at the time, Hugh de Lacy and his son Walter and took over 30 years to complete. Covering a total area of 30 000 square metres, the castle must have been an awe-inspiring site in its heyday.

During the late middle ages, Trim Castle was used as the centre of administration for Meath and, consequently, its history is littered with frequent attacks and subsequent rebuilding. It is a truly fascinating experience to see the various stages of repair that are still visible in the castle. These are pointed out to visitors by the highly knowledgeable guides operating the site.

While the age and majesty of the building are more than enough motivation to drive visitors to the site, movie buffs are also among the castle’s most regular visitors. Trim Castle served as an incredible backdrop in Mel Gibson’s Braveheart, adding priceless authenticity to this award winning box office hit.

Trim Castle is open to the public every day from Easter Saturday to October 31st from 10 am, and in winter only on weekends and bank holidays. Visitors are free to explore inside the castle walls, but the castle keep can only be visited on a 45-minute guided tour.    

If you’re coming to stay with us at Knightsbrook family hotel Ireland, be sure not to miss this once in a lifetime experience.