Come and explore Ireland’s historical Ancient East

Ireland’s Ancient East is a mystical region steeped in over 5,000 years of rich and vibrant history, spanning as far back as the Neolithic Age. It is here, in the South East corner of Ireland, against the backdrop of a lush, pastoral countryside, that tales of early settlers, invasions, tribal conflicts, and the rise and fall of cultures, dynasties and religious orders have played themselves out.

Modern day County Meath (named after the historic Kingdom of Meath) is a land of gentle plains, picturesque villages and flourishing towns. Avid golfers can practice their putts and swings on a selection of top-class golf courses in the area, while local farms, playgrounds, activity centres and fun parks cater to the entertainment needs of holidaying families.

For tourists who are eager to leave the demands of everyday life behind them in exchange for discovering more of the County’s unique history, a short excursion into the countryside quickly uncovers the telltale signs of bygone years. These are in the form of ancient castles and the rugged temples, tombs and monasteries dotted across the region.

Explore these early sites safely and easily, on foot and at one’s own leisure. Alternatively, a slow boat trip on the northeast-flowing River Boyne will carry you passed historic monuments like Trim Castle, the ring forts on the Hill of Tara and the megalithic monuments of Brú na Bóinne.

Each relic of ancient history is brought to life with intriguing stories of druidsGaelic High KingsRoman influenceChristian missionaries and Viking invasions, all skillfully woven together and passed down by storytellers over the years.  

Come and explore Ireland’s Ancient East and sojourn at any one of our luxury hotels during your stay.  Our hotels in Navan and Trim are conveniently located, with most of County Meath’s main historical attractions and heritage sites found right on our doorstep.

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