Once you’ve picked that luxury wedding venue as the perfect place to wed your beloved, your next step is finding the right décor. This is often one of the most time-consuming tasks, as you have to combine the right colours, style and props. So how do you create an overarching theme within a venue that already has its own extravagant style?

Integrate Elements

Often, choosing a well-equipped venue takes half the work out of planning. These settings already exude class and sophistication, so adding subtle, personal touches is all it takes to complete the scene. A good idea is to take a colour that recurs in your favoured style palette, and include it in your centrepiece, flower arrangements or even ambient candles.

Feature your Style

Each bride is drawn to very specific aesthetic preferences. You may love that vintage, elegant Hollywood panache, or prefer more modern contemporary minimalism. Regardless of your taste, every venue can be made to exude the look of your dreams. If you don’t like chandeliers, you could add your own personal lighting options, such as elegant Chinese lamps. When it comes to table settings, little tweaks in colour or decoration, like origami animals as place holders, can help to reflect your personal style.

Love your Location

This is often one of the easiest aspects to factor in to décor decisions. Are you having pastoral nuptials in the French countryside, or a casual beach ceremony in Hawaii? Or perhaps you’ve chosen an elegant hotel in Meath for your wedding. Use the area you’re in to gain inspiration for your venue, think about your favourite feature of the setting, and incorporate it into your theme. For example, the sparkling green of the Irish countryside can be translated into fresh centrepieces, inspiration for your dress or even the overall feel of the ceremony.

Consider the Ambience

What kind of mood do you want the ceremony to have: Gatby-esque extravagance, or warm intimacy? Pick your venue accordingly – there’s no point in hiring out a hall for 600 people if what you truly want is a small, romantic get-together with close friends and family. It’s important to also choose your lighting and décor accordingly. Do you want a dazzling hall or a charming, candle-lit venue?

The very first thing to decide is the kind of event you want. Whether it’s a themed, blow-out celebration, or a luxurious wedding package in Ireland, use your location as a starting point. Once you’ve done that, you can add the little nuances and gems that’ll make your day unique.