It’s no secret that the Knightsbrook Hotel has offered luxurious wedding packages to some of the world’s most influential and celebrated families. But we’re most proud of those that return year-after-year to commemorate their memorable experiences with loved ones at our establishment.

To be fair, having fantastic anniversaries is only a small part of what it takes to have a successful, healthy and rewarding marriage. However, it is a prime opportunity to introduce tradition and sparkle into your family’s annual routine.

Tips for Memorable Anniversaries at Knightsbrook

Going back to the place where you got married is by far the fastest way to remind you and your partner of all the wedding jitters and excitement. This makes it easy to break away from your daily lives and invoke the fairy-tale fantasy of that day.

Here are another 3 tips for celebrating your anniversary:

1. Turn up the romance – Put effort into planning an entire itinerary from spa treatments to candlelit dinners with our team of incredible hospitality experts. You could begin with a trip down memory lane or by exploring any of the facilities you didn’t get a chance to try during your ceremony. Many wedding packages at hotels have to be crammed into a few days. Anniversary celebrations provide the chance to slow down the pace. You could book a far longer stay to accommodate golf days and lazy walks in the countryside.

2. Turn up the family-friendly fun – Over time your brood might grow. When this happens, vacationing or getting away for anniversaries becomes about entertaining children and catching some down-time in between. At Knightsbrook you can let the kids run free with babysitting services - and a range of fun activities - to give you and your partner some time to reconnect. From the Fantasia Waterpark to the paddle-boats and mini-jeeps of Rathbeggan Lakes Park, there is plenty of adventure to go around.

3. Turn up the tradition – In June 2014, we welcomed back Kiera Dignam – daughter of Aslan frontman Christy Dignam. She returned for the one-year anniversary of her amazing reception at our hotel in 2013. This celebrity couple could have chosen from any of the wedding venues in Meath for their event, yet the Knightsbrook and our friendly, efficient staff won first prize.

In Kiera’s own words to The Diary, "We wanted to go back to the Knightsbrook Hotel where we had the reception for the night, because it's a special place for us. I honestly can't believe how quick that year has gone." - source.

The point being to invest into keeping the tradition of appreciating your memorable event alive. If you believe its special, then your whole family should buy-in to the importance too.

At the end of the day, it’s not just about ensuring your wedding is the perfect event. It’s about the longevity and commitment of marriage. Once all of the work and pay-off of the big event is behind you, it’s important to still put effort into celebrating this milestone together.

Contact us for more information on planning the perfect anniversary at Knightsbrook Hotel, one of the most renowned wedding venues in Meath.