Couples planning their wedding in Ireland are lucky to have a wealth of charming venues from which to select. Indoors and out, the range of possible options runs between ancient structures and thoroughly contemporary settings. You can find locations with a unique and distinctive character or neutral elegance; whatever your preferences, you’re sure to encounter that perfect setting for your special day.

Locations to Remember

With such a wide variety of choices, many couples gravitate to the grand-scale options that remind them of their childhood fantasies. However, while locations such as impressive castles, picturesque country manors, and rambling botanical gardens can make for excellent weddings, they’re often expensive, and their size can be overwhelming.

If you’re planning on celebrating with a smaller affair, but don’t want to skimp on charm, why not try some of these classic ideas:

  • A small chapel – Ireland is scattered with whimsical vestries in unique settings, from the well-known to the obscure. If you want the feeling of a church wedding, but on a smaller scale, this could be the ideal option. Chapels can facilitate an intimate ceremony for a traditional couple and their closest friends and relatives.
  • A garden marquee – All you need for this option is a grassy meadow. Fortunately, Irelands has an abundance of such fields. You could easily rent and erect a structure, such as a stretch tent or even geodesic dome to accommodate your exact number of guests. This is a cost effective solution for a memorable outdoor wedding.
  • A hotel package – Some hotels in Ireland are so popular for wedding ceremonies that they’ve developed a set of packages designed to provide everything necessary to get married. The attraction of these all-inclusive deals is the price, and the convenience that removes much of the stress associated with a marriage.

Tying the Celtic Knot

If you’re in Ireland for your wedding, you’re no doubt after the traditional romance and ambiance of the country. This can be felt whether you’re in a hotel, garden, or even the smallest chapel. That means you don’t have to blow your whole budget on the fanciest venue, when some of the most intimate options are undoubtedly the most attractive. The Knightsbrook Hotel offers ideal wedding packages in Meath, that will satisfy the bride and groom as well as their audience sharing in their special day. Browse thorugh our photo gallery and view our location, once you have decided contact our friendly experts to explain everything to you.