The King's Canal Tour

Duration 1.5hrs


Under the expert supervision of a local guide, this is a rare opportunity to explore the Boyne Valley in the actual currach boats that feature in the Game of Thrones TV series. 
Native to Ireland, and rooted in its history, the currach was traditionally made with a wooden frame, sealed with animal skins and hides. 
Your adventure begins at the entrance of Oldbridge House (Battle of the Boyne visitor centre); the very site where 60,000 British and Irish, Protestants and Catholics, engaged in the mighty Battle of the Boyne more than 300 years ago. 
From there, you will learn how to paddle your own currach along the 3-kilometre route of the 18th century Boyne Canal; immersed in nature, while retracing the steps of Irish ancestors as far back as the Neolithic period. 
There will be a story or two from behind the scenes and on the set of the biggest TV show in the world!
N.B. This is a ‘dry’ activity so no wetsuits are required.